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Dave's Energy Guide

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     Have you sang at the top of your lungs while air drumming your dashboard?  Shed a tear at simple beauty? Have you ever spontaneously high-fived or hugged your neighbor at a concert or raised your arms in conquering delight as a song peaks?  If you've answered "yes", ladies and gentlemen, I propose that you've experienced the greatest feeling on Earth: "sonic euphoria." Delivering it is my life's passion.

     Right from the beginning, I knew there was magic in music.  Early into my guitar playing career, I was fascinated with the way a well-tuned guitar would resonate and I spent hours listening to the subtle details that made the instrument more than just a sum of its parts.  Soon after, I picked up on the same tingling sensations when singing in harmony with others.  I feel them at their highest power when delivered to me by my favorite artists.  It's these sympathetic vibrations that transform music into an adventure and I'm addicted to them.

     The flow of this energy is cyclical.  The energy we deliver to you is returned ten-fold when you resonate with it and send it back. This exchange happens again and again, increasing in intensity until it achieves a critical mass.  Sound becomes euphoric and, as you look upon the landscape of the bright eyes, toothy smiles, and outstretched hands around you, it becomes easy to see how great it is to be alive.

     This is what dB is all about.  High five!


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