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Carpe Diem

I've frozen into stone, icy to the bone

Running in place in the arctic zone

Oh, why can't I just make up my mind

Stop wasting all this time being 

Lost in the game missing the pieces


Why, can't I finally unwind and

Say what's on my mind?

Steal the reins and find a way


To seize the day and fire away

Release the weight of yesterday 

And seize today, fire away

Release the weight, and let's go play!


Dave Brunyak - Guitars

Drums: Matt Zajac

Percussion: AJ Vallee

Bass: Brian O'Connell

Keyboards: Ben Blanchard,

Gus Rodney

Guitars/Vocals: Dave Brunyak

Trombone: Ed Goroza

Saxophone: Troy Bennett

Trumpet: Thom Brennan

Mixed by: Dave Brunyak, Curtis Oak

Produced by: Dave Brunyak

Mastered by: Brady O'Keefe

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