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Small Town

I came up on a small town

I had no idea just what was goin’ down

But everybody was moving

With the musing and dancing in the groove

Everybody was moving into life

Maybe I could see how it could be if you made it clearer to me


Now in this town there’s a small farm

The sun is rising on family in the fields

But everybody was working

In the rhythm and getting through the day

Everybody was working, outta sight!

And as the sun came down I looked around

They’ve stopped so they can hear the sound


Now on this farm there’s a small barn

The band is groovin’ and music is flooding through

But everybody was moving with the music and dancing in the mood 

Everybody was groovin’ into night!

And as I left the room I saw my face in the moon thinking

I’ll be back here someday soon


Ben Blanchard - Keyboards

Drums: Matt Zajac

Percussion: AJ Vallee

Bass: Brian O'Connell

Keyboards: Ben Blanchard

Guitars/Vocals: Dave Brunyak

Trombone: Ed Goroza

Saxophone: Troy Bennett

Trumpet: Thom Brennan

Mixed by: Dave Brunyak, Curtis Oak

Produced by: Dave Brunyak

Mastered by: Brady O'Keefe

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