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Be your BEST you!

Greetings Friends!

     What is a Scoby, you ask?  It's an acronym for "Symbiotic Culture of Yeast and Bacteria."  Still here?  Great!  What it IS is the good stuff for your gut that's in Kombucha!  It's really good for you, actually. And, so are we!

     In the spirit of a grand re-awakening in the human condition as we emerge from the Covid -19 pandemic, we here at Scoby strive to provide a musical and cultural experience that merges sound, body, and mind into a familiar feeling: happiness!  We believe a happy person is an active one and we're here to engage all of your senses and to get your body in motion. 


     Our music paints a sonic landscape as it leads you from your front steps to the highest peaks and back again.  Even better if it's paired with some earbuds and some running shoes, but any way will do!  We want your Scoby experience to motivate you to take on your greatest challenges without fear or reservation.  We want to give you the courage to try to conquer what seems impossible and if you get knocked down, we're here to lift you up again!

     Most importantly, we want you to be your BEST you, everyday. So, what are you waiting for?  Get out there and LIVE!


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